Services // LEED Design

Over the past decade, the firm has made a commitment to promoting sustainable design and education. In 2001, the firm became a member of the US Green Building Council and began building a team of LEED® accredited professionals on staff. Today, with over 50 LEED professionals, the firm integrates performance-based criteria to achieve high standards in sustainable development and design.

H&A offers its clients a solid background in sustainable design and can provide the expertise for maximizing the environmental responsiveness and energy efficiency of a project as well as achieving LEED® certification. We have designed more than 50 projects that incorporate LEED criteria for certification.

H&A’s LEED services include:

  • Overall LEED Project Coordination – Design Disciplines and Contractor Working Toward a Common Goal
  • Stormwater Retention and Sedimentation Removal
  • Site Development and Master Planning
  • On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Complete Building Energy Modeling
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Modeling to Optimize System Performance
  • Domestic Water Usage Analysis
  • Design of Greywater and Stormwater Collection Systems
  • Comprehensive Building Commissioning
  • Indoor Air Quality Analysis
  • Design of Daylighting Systems
  • Design of Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Systems