Services // Energy Auditing

Our experts can evaluate your facility’s energy usage utilizing sophisticated analytical tools and provide you with comprehensive energy and water conservation measures (ECMs) to reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Investment Grade Audits (IGA)
» Analyze energy and water use
» Provide operations and maintenance (O&M) recommendations
» Conducted by Certified Energy Managers (CEM) professionals

Building Evaluations

Infrared Thermography
» Detect energy lost from buildings
» Locate thermal patterns to show leakage areas

Energy Metering Assistance
» Configure systems to view energy and water usage

Measurement and Verification (M&V)
» Define savings analysis of an ECM

Alternative Energy Source Evaluations
» Evaluate solar, wind, and geothermal energy options

Carbon Footprint Analysis
» Estimate a building’s greenhouse gas emissions

Life-cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)
» Assess all aspects of a building’s cost
» Evaluate the total cost of ownership – acquiring, operating, and disposing of a building system