Services // BIM

At Mason & Hanger we take Building Information Modeling (BIM) seriously. Not satisfied with just the idea of BIM, we are striving for its reality. To do that Mason & Hanger utilizes an array of Autodesk products - Revit and AutoCAD based software for architectural and MEP design, as well as Autodesk NavisManage for clash detection, project visualization and construction studies. 

BIM is not just about the model though, it is about the information in the model and the management of that information throughout the building's life. At Mason & Hanger there is an understanding of what that means in terms of facility data, so we are working to make sure our .ifc files meet owner expectation at the level of detail for which we are contracted. COBie reports have been part of our deliverable for multiple projects so we know the role that IFC plays in supporting that effort.

Mason & Hanger is committed to project success. We believe that our complete understanding of BIM, a willingness to engage and communicate, and dedication to a quality product is the key to our successful BIM implementation.

As a founding member of the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)/Industry Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Civil Integration Management (CIM) Consortiums (established in 2006), Mason & Hanger is an important contributor to the organization responsible for the Advanced Modeling (BIM, CIM, GIS, and CAD technologies) requirements on USACE Projects per USACE Engineering and Construction Bulleting (ECB) 2016-3 which replaced ECB 2013-18 BIM Requirements on USACE Projects.