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  • CHP – Today’s Major Player in the U.S. Energy Portfolio

    Posted by Coles Jennings, Building Sciences Manager

    CHP – Today’s Major Player in the U.S. Energy Portfolio

    A series of well-known facts:

    1. Turbines and engines burn fuel to make electricity. 

    2. Burning fuel generates a lot of heat. 

    3. Heat is a useful source of energy.

    These are the three fundamental truths that make combined heat ...

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  • The Rise of Energy Districts

    Posted by Rob McAtee, Director of Energy and Sustainability Services

    The Rise of Energy Districts

    Our nation’s electrical grid is an awesome creation that has transformed the landscape and brought prosperity to hundreds of millions. As an engineer, I am awed just thinking about the sheer scale of it and the countless hours of ...

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  • At the Forefront of Sustainability - Carbon Accounting

    Posted by Maureen Drullard, Sustainability Manager

    LEED and sustainability were once newly discussed concepts that a handful of our clients were exploring; now they are at the forefront of our design process. Today, there is a new design process we're preparing for - carbon accounting. Federal ...

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  • Asset Protection

    Posted by Christine Swanson, P.E., CFPS, Senior Life Safety Engineer

    Many of us have seen the video of the aircraft hangar accidentally filled with white, billowy, high-expansion fire suppression foam during a hangar system test that ran too long.

    Yes, I am referring to the one where the hangar doors ...

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